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Ornamental Iron Fence installed in Lakeland, Florida

Are you a resident of Lakeland, Florida or surrounding areas? Are you considering adding a security fence around your home or business premises? If so, then you have several options when it comes to the type of material to use. You can choose a chain link, wooden fence, aluminum fence or even vinyl fence. But if you want something classic and durable, then you might want to consider wrought iron fencing.

Besides improving the security of your property, a wrought iron fence offers many other benefits including enhancing your property’s appearance, increasing its resale value, and saving you money. However, in order to reap these benefits, you must ensure that the fence is well installed. This calls for the hiring of a reputable fence installation company like Lakeland Iron Fencing.

Serving Lakeland, Fl, and the surrounding areas, Lakeland Iron Fencing has emerged as the leading fence contractor in the area. We offer a wide range of services to the residents and businesses in Lakeside, which include installation and repair of iron fences. If you have a particular design in mind, we offer custom fences that match with the style and design of your home.

Why Work With a Professional Iron Fence Contractor

There are many reasons why a professional is better than going the do-it-yourself route. Here are some of them:

Durable and Long Lasting Materials

There are so many fencing providers in Florida that it can be difficult to find a reliable one. Some will offer cheap and poorly welded iron that won’t last. If you do your homework and find a reputable fencing contractor like Lakeland Iron Fencing, you won’t regret hiring their services. We specialize in iron fences whereby we fabricate our materials in-house and employ only qualified and experienced technicians to work on your fence. The result is a durable fence with a lifetime guarantee.


Setup Iron fences are usually embedded in the ground to ensure sturdiness and if this isn’t done properly, the result will be a weak fence that can easily fall. This is why you need to hire a highly experienced company like us to properly anchor the fence structure in the ground to make it firm and sturdy. With us on your project, you can be sure that your wrought iron fence won’t be askew or leaning in any way.

Accurate Installation

With unskilled hands, your iron fence will likely be placed away from the boundary lines. This can be bad as it can lead to legal issues. It’s also a costly mistake as you’ll have to redo the entire installation again. With many years of experience and our partnership with local surveyors, we’re very careful when doing our installations to ensure property lines are observed and protect you from any legal actions by your neighbors. If you are looking to install wrought iron fencing on your property in Lakeland, Fl, contact Lakeland Iron Fencing and you’ll never regret it. We offer durable and affordable services.

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